Recruitment system in India and work of a Consultancy

Recruitment system in India and work of a Consultancy
The recruiting system in India for MBAs/Engineers is really different which is done by recruitment consultancy.  Often the collages arrange the placement services to the students in collages where they are studying in India. This is a very common thing in India since decades. Many Manpower solution companies are putting their best efforts to hire the most capable candidates for the companies.
Recruitment is like a main stand for a good business as recruitment helps the company to develop and to bring in bright and aggressive ideas to improve the efficiency of business. An immature decision can bring the company back to its zero level, so it’s better to go very cautiously in recruitment. There are many Job Consultants in India who are just best at their work and can help you far better.

In campus and out of the campus are the two main parts of recruitment. In campus recruitment means that the companies visit to particular colleges from corner to corner of the country and hire as per to their necessities. The colleges play the connecting link in campus recruitment. Thus college should make good relations with the companies which hire candidates from the collages. Most of the business do the in campus recruitment.
If we talk about the other government or administrative recruitment then generally candidate apply through the application form which publish in the newspaper which invites applications for a particular post which can be a written test and then finally the personal interviews. The main aim of all the public sector and other governmental services is to give chance to each and every student or candidate in the country.

Many renowned companies hire candidates in bulk in India. This is really an explosion which has given much golden chance to many candidates in India. This is really a great thing for many software and computer students.
Few good and progressive companies which had slashed down recruitment as the economy was decreasing but now they have started hiring again candidates with the gradually increasing economy.
This is also a fact that the economy has been reduced and industrial production is very less. Indian economy is being affected by many reasons and so as the recruitment also.

The work of a consultant does not end anywhere.  A placement consultant is responsible for the faithfulness of the documents which have been provided by both the parties and is a signatory to the employment agreement. In any clash both the parties first come up to the consultant to intervene so that a kind solution can be taken out. Thus manpower solution companies or even a consultant should be aware of all the information of both the parties, well in advance to avoid any difference to avoid any liability which may smear the name of the consultancy with which he is working for.


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